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Rob M

13 February 2024

Very grateful for Natalie's help and writing this because it's the least I can do in return and I hope I can help others by encouraging towards her rational and effective approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Brief background. Weight was creeping up year on year. Any 'diet' tried before bucked the trend short term though made no good difference long term. Reaching age where body less forgiving and starting to see some negative health indicators. Wanted to feel lighter, have more high energy and set better example at approaching a healthy life for my children.

I was introduced to Natalie via a medical programme, but aborted the 'medical' part of it within 3 days so that all I had left was Natalie, who adapted and provided a natural approach weight loss that turned out to suit me very well. In hindsight - very pleased to have achieved everything naturally.

Was introduced to a new way to approach food. I thought losing weight involved hunger and suffering. Instead I finally felt full every day. I thought it involved restriction though with what I did found for everything I stopped or cut back on, there was new things I could add. Like I was  more stuck and restricted before I started this. I could keep going - basically what seemed impossible or daunting was possible and rewarding.

In my case lost over 35kg (5 and a half stone) in 7 months and am now of healthy weight. Best of all I like what I eat and do and am not tempted by what I used to eat and do - in fact the thought of 'going back' is quite offputting. Very confident that I have achieved a permanent change, now 9 months later (and 2 months since our final session) and having gained no weight. I went way beyond my original goals.

In my case - appreciating it can be different for others - I also like how the catch up sessions were rougly once a month. The knowledge and guidance gained in those times was very valuable, and inbetween there was lots of time to try different things in practice and self-learn and achieve goals independently.

I have probably written enough! Once again a big thank you and I hope my recommendation can help others find their feet. I mean that figuratively, though in my case it is worth adding that it is great to be able to easily see and reach my feet again too!


2 February 2024

Amazing customer service. Whilst initially I had an Allurion Balloon fitted, unfortunately I couldn’t tolerate it and had to have it removed. I really wanted to stay on my weight loss journey and so I continued my meetings with Natalie. There has never been any judgement, just excellent advice and support. Natalie worked around my personality and likes and dislikes and taught me why certain foods were helpful and why others weren’t and explained the reasoning behind the advice. Natalie also accepted that, being human, there would be days I followed the advice better than others! Natalie cheered me on and celebrated every part of my weight loss and kept me going when I faltered. I really felt like I was chatting with a friend who had my best interests at heart. I also had 2 sessions with Ashley, a very patient fitness instructor who has given me excellent advice which I will continue to follow. All in all, I have lost 18.5 kg in 5 months. Thank you so much.


27 December 2023

Thank you The NRG Clinic for helping me change my life. I am no longer a patient of yours and I have lost a further 2.8 kg since my balloon was gone a few weeks back, following your guidance to change my habits. I am now confident that I will continue to lose weight and improve my health, as I have learned how my body works and what it really needs. THANK YOU


13 December 2023

If you are undecided about whether the Allurion programme is for you and have spiralled into the all too easy trap of junk food, fast and easy snacks and poor dietary choices ( we all have ), then this is the ideal circuit breaker for you.
It is easy. All it takes is some willpower and a change of eating habits.
I thought it would be hard to give up sugary snacks, alcohol and junk food but I found it really easy.
My balloon lasted almost to its maximum duration ( 1 day short ) and have managed to lose just over 26 kilos and am still losing weight without it.
Natalie is a huge credit to this programme, not only is she supportive and very knowledgeable, she also gives huge encouragement and dietary and lifestyle suggestions that help you along the way.
We have all met specialists in many fields that seem almost robotic in conversation or instruction but with Natalie it’s like talking to a friend whenever you have a consultation.
For me this is a fresh start to eating healthier and starting to feel good about myself again, this is the best decision I’ve made for my well-being in my life
Many thanks

Sonia Z

9 December 2023

I am looked after by people, on video calls and in person. There is no generic advice as the clinic works with my needs. The clinic also has an AI Allurion assistant to answer any of my questions when I feel like it. Great clinic, wonderful doctors. Five-star review

Michelle N

6 November 2023

I would definitely recommend Natalie to anyone looking to learn a new healthy way of living and to loose weight. Within 6 weeks I've lost just over 19kgs. She explains things so well and is so helpful. I'm trying to lose weight to have a second round of spinal surgery so I had been really struggling to lose weight without her as I can't exercise. I've learnt so much from her and she really does support you! It feels so lovely just to know someone so caring is there especially when life is so tough. The app is great for tracking food, it calculates everything for you and you can clearly see your goals. I have another 15kg to go to get to my new target and for the first time I really feel confident I can get there. I've usually failed by now on a diet and I have really struggled with my weight and confidence for a long time. But I am feeling more and more confident and more like the old me as time goes on. And most importantly this doesn't feel like a diet, it's reprogramming your brain into your new lifestyle. I'm so thankful I found Natalie as I don't think I would have ever done this without her unless I had major weight loss surgery which I really didn't want.

Hanna D

30 October 2023

I am on the Allurion balloon programme and loving it. Im foreign and have difficult time to talk to people about me. Natalie totally understands, listens and helps with meals, exercise, behavior and my mood. I can tell you now, I feel so good talking to her, can say things about me that I cant share with other people. I lost weight, feel happier, clothes fit better, have all the energy to do things I struggled to do. So happy with the clinic support, Natalie helps me a lot!

Josh S

23 July 2023

I had a balloon for 3.5 months and lost a great amount of pounds. I couldn't do it without Natalie, though as she explained how my body works and what it needs to lose weight. Ive been on Weight watches and Slimming World, and after losing weight with them gained it all back and had more fat than before I started with them. Working with Natalie finally helped me to lose weight forever as now I know how it all works for me. The Allurion programme was the best investment in my health I've ever made, Natalie made all the difference. I am now on her Balloon follow-up programme to keep me in check for a few more months. Highly recommend Natalie as your nutritionist and coach - she is sooo knowledgeable and caring!!


26 June 2023

I have had the balloon and I’m in my third month, it’s been a slow start but now I’m seeing results. Natalie has been extremely supportive and has helped guide me into better and healthier eating habits. I f

L Johnson

13 June 2023

I had the balloon for 4 months and lost a lot of weight on the programme, importantly my waistline is 14 inches smaller! My fat around the middle shrunk so jeans look good again. I continue avoiding foods that cause weight gain - Natalie Gillan was superb at advising on my very personal diet. I like things my way and she created my very own plan, Natalie was very attentive and patient - ha, I am not the easiest to deal with. My energy is great, I walk daily, planning to go back to the swimming pool. Great programme, the best investment in my health ever, and no fad diets or calorie counting. Highly recommended!

G Morgan

8 June 2023

I am on weight loss programme with NRG Clinic. Couldnt have the balloon as I had bariatric surgery before - was very disappointed first but now happy that i'm losing weight slowly and steadily. Ive regained weight after the surgery as had no support from anyone to tell me what to do with diet. Now, with Natalie Gillan I see results - she explained what I need to concentrate on, what to avoid, how to replace foods that not help with weight loss. We worked on my stress and emotional eating, I can see the improvement there. I have so much more energy now so can start swimming again. In 4 weeks, I lost 10 pounds. Im very happy and thankful to Allurion that they sent me to Natalie's clinic. Recommend Natalie's clinic to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Matt Tostevin

18 May 2023

My experience and results with the Allurion Balloon has been very good, the support from Natalie Gillan


12 April 2023

Hi, I have been with Allurion for 4 months. Natalie is very talented, kind and positive person. She knows exactly when to give what advice as she keeps me motivated and thinking about my right choices. What sort of exercises are good for me. What type of diet plan I need to have. If I get off track she finds creative solutions to put me right back on it.

Natalie is extremely punctual with her appointments and sends regular reminders with regards to the meeting. She does go out of her way to keep a good check on her client.

I would highly recommend her for any future clients. Thank you.


26 January 2023

I highly recommend Dr Natalie she's wonderful, she was very helpful during my Allurion balloon,
Without Dr Natalie nutrition advice and attention to my health issues I wouldn't be able to lose 13kg in 3 months, without exercising, because I have been unable, because of health issues, (not related to balloon) and yet because of her, nutrition advice around my diet has been very helpful, my health overall has improved, I suffer from IBS and by changing my bad eating habits I feel much healthier. If you follow Dr Natalie advice, you are on the right track, in the end you need to remember that there's only so much this wonderful nutritionist can do for you, it's down to you to keep it up. Willpower is very important always remember why did you start this journey, good luck everyone, and thank you so much Natalie it has been a pleasure to meeting you,


11 February 2024

I had such great experience with the clinic. They are the best I ever come across when it comes to client service, attention, speed of reactions to my messages, and ease of dealing with. The clinic manager is so kind and attentive! I would definitely recommend a procedure or a programme with them.
I had a balloon and now take medication with continuous support from the nutritionist. Ive lost a lot of weight and most importantly that I have so much more energy, can run after the kids, and my knees do not hurt. The children are eating good food as I cook for all of us. I now have self-respect and want to look after myself first time after having kids. My skin needs attention and only with the weight loss I can think about it. I now enjoy cooking more as I see the results of the diet on me and the kids. I now eat what I need, not what I want. The work I did with the nutritionist and not the App or texts made a great difference as I have a professional nutritionist looking after me, not some technology that doesn’t know what my personal needs are. She is very experienced and patient! I recommend the clinic wholeheartedly.


28 December 2023

Really pleased with the programme. Had a balloon with the clinic, procedure was very quick and everyone was soooo attentive. The nutrition and habits programme has no pressure on me as I am not hungry, and all cravings are gone. I was struggling with hunger and cravings for years, was never full and ate very often, even waking up at night to have chocolate. Now, on this weight loss programme with the clinic, not hungry for snacks, have only 2 meals a day, do not wake up at night, have lunch and dinner and the weight is shedding off!!!! Very happy and thankful for the clinic's attention, continuous support and encouragement from nutritionist and fitness coach. Would definitely recommend the clinic and the balloon with them!

Louise S

21 December 2023

I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is ready to go on a lifestyle and weight loss journey and learn about the nutrition your body requires. Without the unwavering support of Natalie, I’m not sure I would be achieving my goals. I felt Natalie took on a role of counsellor as well as nutritionist because first you learn that your body reacts to your environment meaning if you are upset, stressed then your body stores and doesn’t release as you’d like and she enlightened me to this when I became upset that I wasn’t losing weight as quickly as I thought I should. Once I understood this, my journey made a lot more sense and I remember the one thing Natalie said to me and it resonated with me every day ensuring I made the right choices and put the hard work in and that was “the Allurion balloon isn’t a magic pill to make you skinny” once you make habits and realise you still control what you put in your mouth then your half way there. Natalie is amazing and empowered me with the knowledge to do well and I am! Natalie, I am grateful to have received your support, thank you!


12 December 2023

I can highly recommend the Allurion Balloon weight loss programme with this clinic. Have lost almost 10 kg in two month and keep on losing - very happy! Most importantly, I have changed the way I eat, shop for food, what I have in the kitchen, what’s in the fridge - all naturally changed with help, advice and attention of clinic’s nutritionist and my strong desire to be healthier. I have no fizzy drinks or snacks for my family at home. When friends come, I offer them snacks specially saved for them. The balloon makes you realise that you can eat healthily and smaller portions and put no rubbish in your body if you want to look better and lose weight. I feel no hunger on the regime! I changed the food for my baby, also, my husband eats better and losing weight as he sees me having small plates with nutritious foods. I am eating less and feeling really well, I have more energy to look after my baby.


14 November 2023

Upon starting the Allurion balloon programme in July, I had the great pleasure of meeting Natalie and beginning an exciting journey over the next 16 weeks.

The first time I spoke to Natalie I could tell she had faith in me. Her calm and reassuring approach enabled me to believe for the first time that I would achieve my weight loss goals.

Each session with Natalie was extremely helpful. She gave me a very thorough education in nutrition, used diagrams to explain things and answered all my questions clearly and concisely.

Having now completed my programme I have achieved a good weight loss and know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There's no doubt in my mind that my success has been made possible in no small part by Natalie's dedication and encouragement. Thank you so much Natalie.


5 November 2023

The best customer service ever! The clinic manager is the best I ever came across. I highly recommend the clinic for weight loss and the Allurion weight loss pill. Everyone is so accommodating and patient to my needs. I had an issue with payment and the clinic helped to make it financially feasible for me to have the balloon. The doctor and the nutritionist are very attentive and thorough. I can reach out when I have a question, I have answers almost immediately. Thank you, really happy so far

Steve M

20 August 2023

Very happy with my weight loss even without the Allurion balloon as it couldn't be fitted. I lost 16 kg during my first 3 months with Natalie on her weight loss programme. No issue with hunger as am never peckish any more, just eat meals at regular times and don't want to eat in between. Have no issue with carbs, love the food choices. Friends say I look like a different person with more energy and lightness. i lost inches around the middle and now wear jeans that fit a few years back. Went back to playing footie, got back to my gym and will do more weights as can do it now. definitely will continue with Natalie to lose more weight. She helps on all levels and has knowledge about weight loss and health as no one I've ever met. I am lucky to have found her programme and to have her support. Definitely recommend to everyone who wants to shed fat and get their lives back under control. Steve


19 July 2023

I recently had the privilege of embarking on a transformative journey towards optimal health and wellness, guided by Natalie. From the moment I met her, it was evident that her passion for empowering people through nutrition was unparalleled. With her exceptional knowledge, unwavering support, and personalized approach, she revolutionized the way I perceive nutrition and its impact on my overall well-being.

What sets Natalie apart is her deep understanding of the unique nutritional needs and challenges that people face. She approaches each individual with empathy and compassion, taking into account their specific health goals, hormonal fluctuations, and dietary preferences. Her comprehensive assessments and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every aspect of my health is considered, allowing for a truly holistic approach to nutrition.

One of the most impressive aspects of her practice is her ability to translate complex scientific information into practical, accessible advice. She effortlessly breaks down intricate nutritional concepts, empowering her clients with the knowledge they need to make informed choices. With her guidance, I developed a profound understanding of the relationship between food and my body, enabling me to make sustainable lifestyle changes that have had a profound impact on my well-being.

Throughout my journey, her unwavering support and encouragement have been invaluable. She is not merely a nutritionist but a genuine cheerleader, walking alongside me every step of the way. She celebrates my successes, provides motivation during setbacks, and always inspires me to strive for greater achievements. Her positive energy and passion are infectious, making each session an uplifting experience that leaves me feeling inspired and empowered.

Moreover, her personalized approach demonstrates a profound commitment to her clients' well-being. She takes the time to understand my unique circumstances, challenges, and goals, tailoring her recommendations to suit my individual needs. Whether it's designing a meal plan, suggesting dietary modifications, or providing delicious and nutritious recipe ideas, her solutions are always practical, realistic, and achievable.

In conclusion, my journey with Natalie has been nothing short of life-changing. Her expertise, passion, and unwavering support have empowered me to take control of my health and make sustainable choices that have positively impacted every aspect of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle. Prepare to be amazed by her knowledge, inspired by her dedication, and transformed by her unwavering commitment to your well-being.

Dan P

26 June 2023

I am doing the weight loss programme, lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks - not bad at all! Support from Natalie and the clinic is fab! I have a plan to follow, the scale shows my body composition progress, and the blood test revealed some weight loss issues so we are working on them. I prefer the programme to any intervention as have support at all times, not meds or surgery, just the change in my habits and preferences, took me 4 weeks to realise that it was all my doing in gaining weight. Recommend the programme to everyone

Fowsiya mohamud

8 June 2023

I've done the Allura programme on the 10_02_2023 it was very hard but with the help of Natalie gillan she made my journey very easy I don't think I would make this journey without the huge support I got it from Natalie Gillan iam soo happy extremely happy with the service and and with everything I got it from such lovely soul god bless her ❤️ ❤️ 💙

Laurie D

23 May 2023

I am on a balloon weight loss programme. really happy with the weight loss and Natalie's support. Ive lost about a stone and a half in 3 months and have more energy. Looking forward to another month of change! Natalie helped with weekly meal planning in a clever way, it now comes naturally how I eat and I dont look back at what I was doing before. Natalie helped with exercise practice, sleep and sorting out my overthinking about things. Great programme and a super supportive Nutritionist. I wish my sister would have the same support, she also had the balloon but was not helped much by anyone, just weekly messages. Highly recommend a procedure with clinics where Natalie works!


27 April 2023

Highly recommend the programme and Natalie Gillan. I couldn't have the balloon, so I did the weight loss programme with Natalie's clinic. Amazed how much patience she has! Nobody ever listened to my whole story of unwellness and worked with it all. I've done the test, we found some issues and I was on a diet plan made for me. Ive now lost 1.5 stone after 3 months and keep losing. I feel healthier and not hiding behind my husband when photographed. I can climb stairs, knees are not hurting any more, no pain meds needed. I like the attention to all my issues, like recipes, like explanations. I now understand better how my body works. I was asked if it is difficult to be on the programme - not for me as I am not hungry as I eat normal food, not pouches. Reccomend to all!


12 April 2023

I have had an excellent experience with the weight loss clinic. I got my tools for weight loss - a scale with body composition, a smart app to track my progress, diet plans and a gorgeous recipe book. My clinician Natalie is monitoring my progress through the app. On the programme, I also have a food journal where I log all my food. I can see what I am eating in calories, protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals; this really helps to clean up my diet. I have my blood test results with some things that may slow my weight loss. So great to know what is really happening in my body and my clinician Natalie works on all the issues to help me to lose weight. I am on the programme for 5 weeks and lost almost a stone!!! Natalie is very attentive and knowledgeable. I am asking too many questions and all are answered. She cleverly guided me towards the right foods for my body and mind - no hunger or hanger, no issue with cravings, no anxiety. Happy days! Highly recommend the programme and Natalie Gillan - she changed my life! Very very happy!

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