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NRG Better You Plan

The journey to a better you

Is the gastric balloon not right for you? We have the next best thing.


Our 6-month programme led by leading weight loss nutritionist, Natalie Gillan, brings together a bespoke mix of personalised nutritional coaching, detailed analysis of metabolic health, behaviour and lifestyle history, and cutting-edge Allurion technology to deliver you to your desired weight.


This programme is non-invasive, bespoke to each person and simple to follow.

I've now lost 1.5 stone after 3 months

and keep losing

Highly recommend the programme and Natalie Gillan. I couldn't have the balloon, so I did the weight loss programme with Natalie's clinic. Amazed how much patience she has! Nobody ever listened to my whole story of unwellness and worked with it all.
Ive now lost 1.5 stone after 3 months and keep losing. I feel healthier and not hiding behind my husband when photographed. I can climb stairs, knees are not hurting any more, no pain meds needed. I like the attention to all my issues, like recipes, like explanations. I now understand better how my body works. I was asked if it is difficult to be on the programme - not for me as I am not hungry as I eat normal food, not pouches. Reccomend to all

We tailor your programme based on


Detailed Health & Lifestyle Form

A detailed health questionnaire filled out by you assists us in understanding your current physical and emotional health as well as your routine stress, sleep and diet habits.


NRG Blood Test Analysis


Using our unique analysis, we will assess your blood for key biomarkers that shine light on how your body manages weight, reflects on your overall health and can point to areas for focused weight loss & health improvement.

Initial Consultation

We will discuss your weight gain and weight loss attempts, your challenges, motivation, and your commitment to change your behavioural patterns. Your weight loss programme is designed with your health questionnaire and the blood test analysis in hand.

And Provide You With


Your Bespoke Dietary Plan

A personalised weight loss diet plan that nourishes your body and supports fat loss & muscle mass gain. The plan includes suitable food groups, frequency, optimal timing and effective mindfulness.

Your own eBook of Recipes

Your own collection of daily meals, recipes with prep guides, shopping lists and meal planning tools. Personalised by your clinician to your dietary preferences, weight loss and health targets.

Nutritional supplements

Food Supplements Advice

Support choosing the correct professional-grade nutraceuticals based on your body's needs to promote weight loss, enhance energy levels, and general health optimisation.

Sleep Habits Analysis

Adequate sleep is essential for weight loss and avoidance of chronic disease. Inadequate sleep frequently stimulates hunger. We analyse your sleep ‘hygiene’ and arm you with tools for better sleep.


Stress Assessment & Advice

Stress is a major contributor to weight gain, anxiety & chronic illness and often leads to wrong food choices. You will get the tools and techniques to take control of life’s pressures by forming healthy eating and living habits.


Movement & Fitness Advice 

The best movement plan to enhance your weight loss: realistic and compatible with your lifestyle and work schedule. You will get the tools to follow an exercise plan to build muscles and lose fat.

Supported by Allurion Technology

Smart scales

The Allurion Connected Scale

Stay motivated with The Allurion Connected Scale - a complete weight-tracking experience for effective and sustainable weight loss. The scale measures weight, BMI, basal metabolic rate, fat and muscle mass and % of body water.

Allurion weight loss phone app

The Allurion Mobile App

Real-time motivation and engagement App for you and your clinician. Allurion’s secure platform enables you to track your body composition metrics, weight and fitness.

Happy patient

I am seriously impressed. This is the first time in my life that someone has understood my issue about weight straight away and I can already see results. Thank you sooooooo much!

Patrick T, London, August '22

Is this plan right for me?

My BMI is between:                       25 and 50


My body weight is between:         10 st (65 kg; 145 lb) and 28 st (180 kg; 400 lb)

I am not currently pregnant or breastfeeding


  • I have followed various weight loss diets and regimes, lost weight initially and regained it back on.

  • I am ready to take weight loss into my control and create lifetime habits for a healthier happier me.

  • I would like my sleep, stress and mental health to be the best it can be. 

  • ​I have had pharmacological weight reduction, bariatric surgery, or the bariatric balloon already and want to achieve further weight loss. 

  • I have been told that I am ineligible for the gastric balloon and / or do not want to have the procedure.

If YES, then this programme is for you.

Booking the NRG Better You Plan

Weight loss icon

NRG Better You Plan

(Plus option available)


Can be spread over 4 months with 0% financing

What is included in the 4 month programme?


  • Initial 75 min consultation with specialist bariatric nutritionist

  • 3 x 45 min follow-up consultations with bariatric nutritionist 

  • 2 x 45 min consultations with the movement & exercise specialist


  • In-depth health and lifestyle intake forms and food diary analysis

  • NRG bespoke weight loss blood test and analysis 

  • Weight loss nutrition advice - dietary plans and recipes

  • Weight loss lifestyle assessment and behavioural change tools - sleep, emotional health, stress

  • Weight loss dietary supplement advice

  • Movement and fitness - coaching and planning that fits your goals and routine


  • Allurion Connected Scale

  • Allurion mobile App/Platform


Natalie really listened to me and understood where I was coming from, and really helped me change my habits and that has left me honestly feeling happy again.

Mildred S, London

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